Sunday, September 23, 2012

Planning for me...

This weekend was all about wedding. That's tough to handle -- the random people you meet, the alcohol present, the treats treats and more treats!

I did pretty well, all things considered. I tracked all weekend and went over my goal but not by much. The key was to avoid snacking at all and only eat a little bit of everything available. I managed to enjoy myself without going overboard, and be present in my eating. Mostly ;)

Last night, there was a karaoke night with all of the girls who were in town. Of course I came along, and as usual wasn't too thrilled about the whole, bunch of drunk girls with nobody I could talk to. I need to be better about just saying no, I don't want to deal with that. I know I will not enjoy it and I just go along with it to make the girl happy. In the end I'm just miserable that I'm all alone in the middle of a girlfest.

Today, I took off and avoided all of the dress fittings and other nonsense going on. This has been a great afternoon, with a much-needed haircut, picking up some books from my ex-favorite bookstore, and hanging out at my ex-favorite coffee shop. It's a good chance to see where I used to live and have some time to myself to decompress and have some me time.

My old barber commented that I had put on a little weight. He doesn't speak much English so it's hard to communicate sometimes, but I know he was just looking out for me and worried that I was having issues. I am not upset about it, I know it's the truth and I have started going the other way so it's just a little more motivation and knowledge that people care and are paying attention to my issues.

Happy sunday!

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