Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Eats (and treats) Lately

I've experienced a pretty significant gain since I've last blogged. Maybe I should take notice and realize that having this way to communicate with a group in similar circumstances helps me stay healthy and make good choices....

I'm up to just under 210lb. This is starting to get uncomfortable. In terms of my body, if I'm under 190lb, I feel really good and ready to take on the world. 190lb to 200lb, I feel good and comfortable. 200lb+ and I start to feel like I can't do the things I enjoy and I don't want to go out in public as much.

So, without making a bunch of goals that I don't stick to, my goals are going to be -- write in this blog regularly, and record how I'm doing.

I also hope to get back in touch with the fitness blogging scene and reconnect.

Talk to you again soon!

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